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DK's Sales Pitch / Warning

Your wedding day will probably be the happiest day of your life. You’ll look your absolute best. Ever. And it will probably be the first and last time your family and friends are all in one place, celebrating YOU.

Finding a great wedding photographer (even if it’s not me) should be your top priority. Guests go home, flowers die, your dress will be packed away never to be worn (or fit-into) again. Wedding photos are an investment.

People often balk at the price of wedding photography. They say, "that's so much money for just one day!" But look at it this way: You might spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress or flowers or a venue or on catering which you are going to have for only one day, but your photographs will be the only thing you have to remember that one day for the rest of your lives.

A lot of couples under-budget and under-prioritize when it comes to photography, and it upsets me greatly when I see friends or acquiantances post horrifically sub-par “professional” wedding photos online. When you look for a photographer...make sure you're not "settling" or compromising quality in order to save a few dollars. If you're going low-budget (under 2K) may be better off not hiring anyone at all and using that money toward something else, because quite honestly any wedding photographer who charges that little couldn't possibly take photos as their full-time job, is probably inexperienced, and it is very likely that you will end up disappointed and kicking yourself in the long run. Don't get me wrong, it’s entirely possible that you can find a great, undervalued photographer - everyone starts somewhere... But be very very careful when looking at cheaper photographers and MAKE SURE to ask to see photos from an ENTIRE wedding when you look at someone's portfolio. Anyone with mediocre photo-skills can spend a full day at a wedding and wind up with at least 10 great pictures, so photography portfolios can often be deceiving.

In closing, one of the most common things I hear from random acquaintances and wedding guests is that they wish they’d had me (or someone good in general) at their weddings and that they deeply regret cutting corners on photography. But don't take my word for it. Go and google "top wedding regrets" and see for yourself. Photography is important. It’s the only thing that you'll have to remember the day...