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4 hours

Portfolio Review

Fabulous lunch at SoHo House LA, NYC, or Miami (or somewhere comparable in your city)

Unlimited Q&A


Are you an aspiring professional photographer? Dennis has been where you are. And he wants to help!

Almost every single thing he ever learned, he learned from working with others. One photographer in particular, Bjoern Kommerell, was hugely influential in taking him under his wing and Dennis is forever indebted to him for changing his life.

Jetting from city to city, country to country, photographing beautiful people in the most beautiful settings.... our job is our dream job. And it can be yours too.

One on One mentoring sessions are a unique opportunity to focus in and pick the brain of an experienced professional on particular areas of business and photography where you feel you might need some guidance. We want to help you get where you want to go whether you're just getting started or looking to better the business you've already built.

Dennis is happy to discuss anything you want - from branding, marketing and business tactics, to tips and tricks for directing, posing, composition, use of lighting, equipment, editing, etc. and, of course, he is happy to discuss his own personal journey and how he's built and maintained his ever-growing business.

You will also receive a review and critique of your portfolio/website if desired.

Mentoring sessions are available in Los Angeles, New York, Rhode Island, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, and many other destinations as well!