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More Than a Vendor

To start, I detest the word vendor...

It's a boring word for a boring job, and my job is anything but boring.

Your wedding photographer should be MUCH more than just a vendor. After all, this is your wedding, one of the most important days of your life, and you're going to be spending more time with me than any other person (except maybe your bride or groom...MAYBE).

I'm going to be responsible for capturing moments and memories that will last you a lifetime. That's a lot more than what the popcorn salespeople at your local movie theater do for you (which is what comes to mind when I hear the word vendor).

If you're hiring me, I'm going to be your best friend (if only for 10 hours), I'm going to make sure you look gorgeous, and I'm going to be a part of your day from start to finish. Which is why I prefer to think of myself as a guest with a camera.

Furthermore, I am a giant (6'7). Which means I attract a lot of curiousity and attention, making friends as I go. But which also allows me to stay out of the way, taking great paparazzi-like pictures without having to be in-your-face, as nobody gets in my way.

As your day progresses, I'll become a favorite of your mom, your dad, your bridesmaids, your drunkyface aunt, and I'll become part of the party - chasing down your hors d'oeuvre people, grabbing beers with your friends and family, jumping around on the dancefloor - allowing me to capture intimate moments of your loved ones having the time of their lives.

As you may have read from my bio, I love a fancy party. And a wedding is the epitome of a fancy party. And I LOVE a wedding.

Are you ready for the greatest day of your life? I am!

(Please make sure they feed me. Giants are always hungry.)