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Extra Info Page

Do you want a shot list?

Not really. A shot list tends to get in the way of our creativity. We’re already walking around with armfuls of camera equipment. If we have to stop and keep checking back at a list of a hundred items, it’s pretty much guaranteed that we’ll miss some cute moment here or there. Most of the big moments are common-sensical, obviously we’ll be taking pictures of the decor and flowers and shoes and your dress and your first kiss and your walk down the aisle and people dancing and smiling and laughing... If there are specific details or moments to your wedding that you feel are totally unique and that you definitely don’t want us to miss, of course feel free to tell us. But we do these wedding things pretty regularly (not that you and yours isn't SUPER special!!!) and we’ve got it covered.

But what about family photos?

Family photos! Yes! If you have a list of family member groups that you want photographed, please print out a list and assign it to a bossy bridemaid or someone who KNOWS everyone and can help round up the people needed for these photos, and MAKE SURE the people who are needed for these photos know where to be and when.

Will you travel to shoot my wedding?

Of course! We love to travel, be it domestic or internationally.

I’m uncomfortable having my photo taken, how do you get people to relax?

Dennis's specialty is working with actors. In doing so he is very good at giving direction. Often what makes someone uncomfortable in front of a camera is not knowing how to pose or stand, etc. But don't worry, Dennis is very good at not only giving direction, but at allowing his subjects to play off each other naturally so that the smiles and laughs and moments he captures are genuine moments, as you will hopefully see from his photos.

What happens if you get sick or injured and are unable to shoot my wedding?

Well obviously this is not an ideal situation for anyone. And (knock on wood) it has never ever happened. But in the unlikely event that this did happen, we have an enormous network of very talented photographer friends all around the country and would very easily be able to call in a replacement or two who would be able to cover the wedding. You WOULD NOT be left high and dry!

How much time do I need for formal pictures?

I would budget around two to three hours for formal pictures. We shoot very quickly and rarely need anywhere close to two hours. But wedding day almost always runs late (it only takes one tardy bridesmaid to throw off an entire schedule) so it's good to have a time buffer so that you're able to take the time to get things done and relax, rather than rushing and feeling stressed out on your wedding day.

When can I see my pictures?

Your completed pictures are usually ready one month from the date of your wedding. We like to try to give our clients a couple of teaser photos though a day or two after the wedding because we HATE when we see a bride updating her Facebook photo with a wedding photo taken by some guest's iPhone!

How do I order prints, how much are they, and will guests have access to them?

We will provide you with an online gallery that you can share with guests and everyone will be able to order prints from it for around 50 cents for a 4x6. (Lots of photographers who ONLY shoot weddings make a ton of their money on the printing end of things and will force their clients to order prints exclusively through their websites at a marked up rate of up to $20 for a 4x6 and we think that is just ridiculous!) You will also receive all your high-res files so that you can arrange printing however you like.

I've spotted you in some of the photos you display on your website... do you really get involved and drink and dance with the rest of the wedding guests?

YES! By the end of your wedding day, we will probably feel like best friends. And we find that immersing ourselves in a wedding really brings out a special kind of energy from people. Plus we LOVE weddings and if we're giving up our weekends to work, you can bet we're going to have a good time doing it!

Why should I choose you over another wedding photographer?

Hate this question! It reminds us of college admissions interviews all over again. But if you're going to put us on the spot...well...hopefully you can see that we take great pictures. And our specialty (I'm going to stop talking in the third person now)...ahem... MY specialty is capturing real moments as they happen and making everyone look great. A lot of brides *think* they want super artsy museum-quality photographs and then end up disappointed their photographer. Why? Because when you get super dramatic with posing and lighting and stuff, you end up creating an alternate reality for what your wedding day really is. What I've found is that at the end of the day, everyone just wants to remember what an amazing fun day the wedding was. It's the happiest day of your life, so why wouldn't you just want pictures that just capture you and the people you love being over-the-top happy? Additionally, I'm really fun and REALLY tall (which makes for flattering angles for everyone).

How would you describe your style?

People often throw the word “photojournalism” around a lot without necessarily understanding what it all really means. I specialize in capturing the joy and emotion and overall happiness of your wedding day. Unlike many photojournalists, I get very involved with my subjects, interacting, joking around, giving slight directions and suggestions in order create beautiful pictures.

Is it ok if my other guests take pictures with professional cameras?

Sure! I know I’m not the only good photographer out there and I’m sure you have some guests with photo skills who can take some excellent pictures. So no...I don’t mind if other people take’s just when people starting making “suggestions” and jumping in the middle of the aisle and blocking my shot that I start having to accidentally push Uncles into bushes etc.